Print on ink on paper

The method that best suits and fully fits our technique is to take a fingerprint with ink on paper. In this way, all characteristic lines remain visible in the most detail.

For a good fingerprint, follow the steps below:

  • Clean finger well with water and soap
  • Finger dry well
  • Open ink tissue and lay well flat. Preferably at the edge of a table
  • Stick sheet also lay on edge of the table
  • Keep your finger flat, and press straight down on the black ink tissue, do not roll or slide!
  • Lift finger and do not press the sticker straight, straight down, do not roll or slide!


  • The special ink can be removed with water
  • For a next print, start at step 1
  • Make at least 2 good prints of the same finger
  • Paste a sticker with a good print in a folder, and have its own code (eg 1st 4 letters of first and last name).

Print by Scan equipment

If you have made a print with advanced scan equipment, you can also deliver it to us.
However, this method is not our direct preference, as this equipment will always provide a delimited print by the presence of a often rectangular scan surface.
In addition, this print with this method is often a lot less detailed and refined.




A personal and unique symbol of loving attachment.


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