Instructions for Fingerprint

Our preferred method is to collect a print with ink on paper, as this delivers the most detailed result.

  • Clean the finger with alcohol
  • Dry the finger with a tissue
  • Stick the label on a flat surface
  • Lift the finger and gently place on the ink pad (not too hard), straight down; do not roll!
  • Gently press the finger on the label (not too hard)
  • Take a minimum of 2 quality prints of the same finger


  • Clean the finger with alcohol to remove the ink
  • Stick the label with the best fingerprint on the card
  • Write you customer number and print number (4 first letters of last name) on the card
  • Insert the card into the plastic folder
  • Send the order form and (plastic folder containing) the fingerprint to Golden Finger Print

Print by Scan equipment

You can also deliver a print made with advanced scan equipment.


A personal and unique symbol of loving attachment

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